Retreat as renewal - a reflection for National Retreat Week - renew:all from Fr Christopher Jamison

Father Christopher Jamison is a Benedictine monk, the current President of the English Benedictine Congregation as well as an author, speaker and Patron of the Retreat Association. Take a few minutes and let Fr Christopher guide you through some moments of reflection and renewal.

Retreat as renewal

Retreat summary

Watch the short film with Fr Christopher above (3 min 46)

Read Kings 1 chapter 19: Elijah’s tactical retreat

Spend a few minutes considering where is God, and where is God not? What are the things you need to retreat from, in order to move forward?

The spirit of God is present in our quiet moments.

Take a few minutes listening to your own breathing, conscious that this is the spirit of God working in you.


Grant us the grace, O Lord, to turn our attention inward and behold the miracle of our breath.

May we recognise it as the gentle rhythm of life, woven with sacred threads and the dirt of the earth,

a sacred tether connecting us to the divine source of life.

Open our hearts and minds to perceive the truths whispered by our breath.

Illuminate the paths we tread and grant us the wisdom to follow, shape and share them towards Your kingdom.


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