Retreat and renewal every day with Richard Carter

Revd Richard Carter is Associate Vicar for Mission at St Martin-in-the-Fields, founder of the Nazareth Community, and author of The City is my Monastery: a Contemporary Rule of Life‘ (Canterbury Press 2019).

Here Richard shares a rich reflection on retreat for renewal and finding God in the everyday. We recommend taking 15-30 minutes, when you can, to watch, pause, and re-watch the film as you feel, followed by a period of silence and prayer.

Retreat and renewal every day

Richard shares so many valuable thoughts here, of retreat and silence as a way to encounter God, including prayerful practices in our every day and the special role of retreat centres as spaces of welcome, peace and discovery.

Take a few minutes, or longer if you can, to reflect on what they mean to you. Sit somewhere comfortable away from screens, perhaps light a candle. Simply create some space and silence and give this part of the day to God.

When you are ready, finish with a prayer from Richard’s book:


When you thought you had lost your path,

beneath all your fears,

I am there

When meaning is gone

I am that meaning

When truth seems hard to find,

I am that truth

When even love seems a bitter thing

I will take that bitter cup from you

And you will taste the wine of my forgiveness

Come back with me to the centre of the things

and be held, not torn


Each day is an opportunity for hope

And hope will often arise from those deemed hopeless

Learn to hope in God even when hope seems impossible

and beyond

Learn to hope in God’s grace even when the rules of the

world cry out that your values have no currency

Learn to hope in God’s love

Hope as tender and ephemeral as a new shoot

But which can make the desert bloom and the song birds



Richard Carter

The City is my Monastery – A contemporary rule of life Canterbury Press (2019)

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