Mindfulness of God Quiet day with Shaun Lambert
Take a retreat day with Shaun Lambert, Baptist Minister, retreat leader, psychotherapist, mindfullness researcher and member of the extended Scargill movement community.
Shaun leads this quiet day to help cultivate mindfulness of God – including identifying intentions and transforming unhelpful attitudes – to leave us renewed and refocused on our path ahead.
The film is in four parts, with a series of questions, reflections and activities suggested to do in between each. Take a day away from distractions and download the full set of reflections below to make the most of this quiet day.
Retreat summary

Session one: Mindfulness of God introduction
An introduction to the mindfulness of God quiet day. 10 minutes film + up to 30 minutes reflection

Session two: Training our Attention
Life is what we pay attention to – how do we free up our attentional capacities from cultural captivity and fragmentation?
20 minutes + 1-2 hours reflection

Session three: Transforming our Unhelpful Attitudes

Why and how do we let go of unhelpful attitudes?
20 minutes + 1-2 hours reflection

Session four: Summary
A summary of our mindfulness of God: intentionally, with attention and renewed attitudes in order to reperceive.
10 minutes

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