What is national retreat week – renew:all?

Is a week to promote collective and individual reflection, contemplation, prayer and retreats. We are calling on people to be intentional about finding and setting that time alone or with others in their worshipping community to use the free resources available to organise a retreat sometime during national retreat week – 23rd – 30th September 2023.

Who is organising the week?

The initiative is being co-ordinated by The Royal Foundation of St Katharine a Christian retreat and conference centre in East London. This work is supported by the RFSK trustees with the staff team specifically working to bring this vision together.

Who is supporting the week?

We are thrilled that a number of people and organisations are endorsing and promoting renew:all to become a resource and pattern for healthy spiritual living – these include: The Retreat Association and The Association for Promoting Retreats

Where will it take place?

It takes place wherever you feel most comfortable. You may wish to organise a retreat in your home, garden, or a local beauty spot or if doing it with others as part of your church or worshipping community – you may choose a church garden, a local park or suitable venue or one of hundreds of retreat centres around the country.

Who can be involved?

It’s your own special time so whoever you want to retreat with can be involved? You may want to think how you get people who don’t get the chance to retreat or the time and space to pause and reflect on life. It could be parents with young children, carers… the tired, the weary or the exhausted…we all could do with some time to reflect, refocus and be renewed.

Will it happen every year?

We have plans for it to happen at least for the next 3 years. We want to build the initiative year on year and include new contributors, more free resources and additional programmes around the country or online.

Where can I register my interest?

Sign up to keep up to date with what’s going on. We really don’t wish to add to your everyday stress so we promise we won’t bombard you with lots of emails